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Central Switzerland
Central Switzerland is the region of the Alpine foothills geographically the heart and historically the origin of Switzerland, with the Swiss Cantons of Uri, Schwyz, Obwalden, Nidwalden, Lucerne and Zug. In Central Switzerland, Switzerland was born when the good people of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden formed an alliance at the Rütli. The Schöllenen Bridge which made north-south travel across the Gotthard range possible is located in Central Switzerland, and here, in 1871, Europe's first cog railroad up to Mt. Rigi marked the beginning of tourism as we know it.

the nostalgic steam cog railway up to Mt. Rigi - one of Switzerland's oldest tourist attractionsCentral Switzerland with Lake Lucerne is the home of Europe's largest fleet of inland cruise ships and a ride on a steamboat is simply a must to visit the famous places along Lake Lucerne's Riviera which can be reached in a short time. Around the lake, the pre-Alpine mountains reveal themselves in an impressive 360° Alpine panorama. Meanwhile, the world's most comprehensive network of mountain railways connects the peaks around the lake. Lucerne acts as a gateway to this very special part of the world: to Mt. Rigi, the “Queen of the Mountains” which can be accesssed either from Vitznau by cog railway, or from Weggis by gondola, up to the perpetual snow on Mt. Titlis from Engelberg with the revolving aerial cable car, and to Mt. Pilatus from Alpnachstad on Lake Lucerne with the world’s steepest cogwheel train (or from Kriens by gondola). And the UNESCO biosphere reserve in Entlebuch – with its moor and karstic landscapes in the foothills of the Alps – offers leisure activities and unforgettable excursions in breathtakingly scenic nature.

Lucerne and Lake Lucerne located in the heart of Switzerland
Lucerne and the Lake Lucerne region offer historic sites and enchanting countryside abound, from the William Tell Monument to commanding mountain peaks, from cities to remote Alpine valleys, from baroque monasteries to deserted canyons. For many people, the Lucerne region represents the "true" Switzerland - mountains, lakes, cowbells, Alpine villages and meadows full of Edelweiss. Visitors to Lucerne and Central Switzerland find plenty of attractions and activities within city limits, and of course in the picturesque country side surrounding Lake Lucerne. Surfers brave wind and waves, lake steamers leave majestic wakes, colourful paragliders dot the sky. Mountain trains and suspended cable cars mount the peaks. This is Central Switzerland, the Switzerland of freedom and holidays.

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